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How do you find a person that you have lost contact with? Are people looking for you? Lost someones email address? Looking for an international missed connection? Someone who has moved to another country? Want to find someone you have lost contact with? Find and Reconnect with people. Friends, family, someone who made an impact in your life. Lost Trekkers is where to find people if you have had no luck with Internet searches. Free to search for people, free to post an ad to find people and free to reply to ads. Your lost friend could be just a click away. Over 7000 classified ads posted
SOMEONE MAY BE LOOKING FOR YOU! Scroll down and choose a country / place that you have been to or lived in.
If a country / place is not listed then there have been no people finder ads posted in that area.

Register to post a free ad. Let your lost friend know that you want to find them!

"I just wanted to thank everyone, especially the webmaster.  I want to say  what a great job you all have done in
re-uniting me with my friends from 18 years ago. Thank you all again, and keep the good job up."  - Marva

People Search For Lost Friends By Country / Place You Met In.

If you are going to place an ad to find someone, we strongly recommend that you check out our tips on what information you should include and what you may want to omit from your ad. A little ad etiquette you should use to find someone for your safety & theirs. There are also tips on how to find people on the Internet using vanity searches on the search engines You can get more information & resources on our Facebook page including other free websites, forums & how to search for someone articles & blogs

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Lost Trekkers is a world wide free people search - finder service for folks who want to find lost friends, relatives & others that they have lost contact with. 
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